Canlı ameliyat kaydı sırasında kullanılabilecek portatif bir aparat: Versatil tripod

Emin Kapı


Capturing live video recordings of surgeries is a practice gaining importance today.1
Especially, in scientific conventions, video recordings
of surgical procedures are much more informative than verbal descriptions or poster presentations.2-5 Various methods are currently in
use to make video recordings.1,3 The methods and types of camera to be used are chosen according to the type of the procedure.1
these methods, cameras mounted on the surgical light head, mini cameras mountable on the surgeon’s head, or video recording by a person
other than the surgeon are observed.1,3,4 However, limitations like the need for technical equipment, artefacts caused by the movements
of the camera while recording, associated costs, and need for additional personnel complicate this practice. Particularly, when the
operating room (OR) staff are under a heavy workload, the recording process may become both time consuming and distracting for the
surgeon.1,3 Therefore, there is a need for a method with a camera manipulated directly by the surgeon. In this article, the characteristics
of an alternative device, the custom-made versatile tripod, are presented.

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