Surgical Deroofing and Rubber Compression Treatment for Pseudocyst of the auricle: Report of two patients

Arif Aydın, Betül Demirciler Yavaş, Nilay Şen Korkmaz, Necmettin Karasu, Alpagan Mustafa Yıldırım


Pseudocyst of the auricle is a benign condition characterized by non-inflammatory swelling of the ear.İt is usually located within the scaphoid and triangular fossa.Although minor trauma is accepted to be the most probable cause ,exact etiology still remains unclear.We present two cases who have this rare condition,we also summarize the differential diagnosis,treatment options, pathogenesis of this condition.Two patients ,a 22 year-old man presented unilateral and a 28 year-old man presentend with bilateral pseudocyst of the auricle.We performed deroofing pocedure followed by compression with reshaped rubber of the syringe pyston for both of the cases.After 6 months follow up one patient had no recurrence and had excellent cosmetic results.The other patient was evaluated on the postop 3rd day.He had no recurrence and satisfactory cosmetic results.Many reatment options have been reported for pseudocyst of the auricle.The lowest recurrence rates are reported with the deroofing procedure and this technique provides cosmetically acceptable results.Many materials have been used for compression after surgery in the literature.The rubber of the syringe piston has not been used before.İt is a cheap,effective and easy way of compression.
Keywords:Auricular pseudocyst,compression,idiopathic cyctic chondromalacia

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